Your crazy cat loves climbing on furniture, curtains and anything else that take them up high. Why not get them something appropriate like a cat post? Your cat will love the cat post and will spend hours sleeping up high and playing all around it. It will also use it to scratch as opposed to your couch or curtains. Here are three tips to getting a cat post.

cat post

  1. Find A Good Size Cat Post – Cat scratching posts come in different heights so consider getting a 4 foot or 6 foot cat post. The taller it is, the better for the cat. Cats simply love to be up high and look down at everyone. They also feel safe up high.
  2. Look For A Solid Cat Post – Many companies produce weak and unstructured cat posts. Make sure to move it around and feel what material they used. Check to see if the carpet is securely on the post.
  3. Look For Cat Posts With Toys – It’s a good idea to place toys on your cat post to keep them perky and interested in the post. You can even rum some catnip on it to really attract your kitten.

So before considering buying a cat post, make sure you think about the size, the structure and the features of a cat post. Your cat will surely love it.