It’s an exciting time when you get a cat or kitten. Taking care of a cat can be easy just as long as you know what you are doing. Many cats become obese after a few years so it’s important to challenge your cat every day. Even though your cat gets older every year, they still enjoy games from their kittenhood. Here are some basic tips for cat care.

Cat Supplies

  • Litter Box – There are many styles to choose from but the best is a covered litter box. Also get a litter scooper and a cat mat to place in front of the litter box. Litter tracks across the floor and a cat mat will stop it from going all over.
  • Nail Trimmers – Cats nails grow fast so get a nail trimmer and trim nails 1x a month or so.
  • Cat Grooming Brush – It’s important to brush your cat, especially during the spring and fall.
  • Nature’s Miracle – A great odor disinfectant. Nature’s Miracle will wipe away any urine stains your cat may cause in the future.
  • Cat Toys – Cats love to play. Get them a couple cat toys for them to run around and swat.
  • Cat Post – Cats need to scratch so instead of them scratching your couch or drapes, invest in a cat scratching post.

Cat Care

Cats enjoy consistency and predictability. When you decide where to place the litterbox and food bowls make sure that will be the permanent home. Some cats will get distressed if you move their things around. They will urinate out of the litter box if things are moved so be careful.

Cats also occasionally get hairballs and will throw up. Both are unsightly but be quick when you clean it up. Nature’s Miracle helps a lot with clean up.
Take your cat to the vet if you notice odd behaviors from your cat. If you cat stops eating, urinates outside his/her litterbox, throws up constantly or seems lethargic.
Cats tend to sleep in the day and get frisky in the evening. Play with your cat during the evening and let your cat sleep during the day. They can sleep up to 14 hours a day. Have fun with your cat!