We all know that cats are picky when it comes to cat litter and cat food. They can do days without eating simply because they don’t like the texture of the food or they prefer wet cat food over dry cat food. Over the years we have tried various cat foods and here are the top 3 I recommend for the average cat.

  1. Natural Balance Ultra Premium – A dry cat food that is a little more expensive than grocery store bands but well worth the price. The top four ingredients are meat based which is excellent for cats. The food does not contain low quality grains such as corn, wheat or soy and has no by-products.
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  3. Wellness Chicken Formula – A wet cat food that all cats seem to like. It’s good to feed your cat wet food or a combination of both as it contains a high percentage of water and hydrates your cat. All ingredients are top quality and has all the necessary nutrients for the cat.
  4. Fancy Feast Flaked Fish and Shrimp Feast – Although most supermarket brand produce low quality cat food, Fancy Feast is not one of them. It is free of low quality grains and contains meat as the first three ingredients. It is good to read the label as other Fancy Feast items don’t fare as well.