Many cat owners might think training your cat with a clicker seems absurd. All cats do is sleep and not pay attention to you. Cats, though, can be trained and it is quite easy to clicker train your cat to do just about anything. Cats love food and will work for food so get a clicker and start training today. Here is some information to get you started.

clicker training your cat

  1. What Is Clicker Training? – Clicker training relies on a reward system whereby a behavior is reinforced with a click and a treat. The click is a signal to the cat that a treat is coming and that they did something correct. It works well for intricate behaviors such as pawing at a chair or jumping through a hoop or walking on tip toes. Clicker training allows you to mark the cats behavior and reward instantaneously.
  2. How Do I Start Clicker Training? – Start by clicking and rewarding your cat doing anything. A good food reward is cooked chicken. Click and give food. Soon the cat will notice what you are doing and pay more attention to you. Once you have paired the association of click = food, you can start on behavior modification.
  3. How Do I Teach My Cat? – Start by finding a behavior you want from your cat. Once you find a behavior or trick such as sitting, pawing at a target or playing dead, start clicking for associated behaviors. For example, to teach play dead, click when the cat is laying, then laying on side. After pair “bang bang” and pretend to shoot to get the cat to fall over. It’s best that once a behavior is strong to click for every 2 or 3 times the behavior is demonstrated. This will help shape the behavior and teach the cat you want more from them.
  4. Things To Remember – Remember that you do not punish your cat when they don’t follow. Always make sure you have a food reward that is rewarding and motivating for the cat. Also, find behaviors that would challenge your cat and peek their interest.

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