Kittens and cats all love to play. Even if you see your cat sleep all day, they are more than happy to wake and spend some fun time with their owners. It’s a good idea to spend some special time with your cat at least once a day. Either by cuddling with your cat, petting your cat or playing with your cat. All these things will improve the quality of life for your cat. Here are some fun games to play with your cat when you come home from school or work.

Great Games For Your Cat Or Kitten

  • Laser Play – Cats love to chase things. A great thing to use is a laser pointer. They are easy to find and relatively cheap. Just point and play. Cats can spend all night chasing and stalking.
  • String Play – It’s exercise for you and the cat. Get a thin piece of string and move it around the house and over furniture. Cats simply love to play chase.
  • What’s Under The Covers – My cat loves when I have my hand under the bed sheet. The cat looks at it and then stalks it and then finds the perfect time to ponce on it. It’s a fun and exciting game.