Introducing your new kitty or cat to your other household pets can be done painlessly and easily. It might seem challenging if you have three big dogs or two other cats in your household, but introducing a new pet can be done in harmony. Here are some easy guidelines to help you introduce kitty to your other pets.

Cat-Proof Your Home

It’s a good idea to confine your new kitten or cat into a room or area of your house or apartment. Kittens are curious by nature and love exploring high and low. If you let your new pet wander around, the introduction to other pets can be aggressive or hostile. Also, your cat may find electrical cords and chew on them unknowingly.

Get Your New Pet Checked Out

It’s always safe to have your new pet checked out by your vet. Your vet will check for diseases that could be transmissible to your household pets.

Introducing Your Pets

Introduce your new kitten or cat to one household pet at a time so as to not overwhelm your new pet. All introductions should be supervised and done in a neutral place. You don’t want to introduce your new pet to an area that is your dogs domain or cats domain. So find an area that neither household pet has been in. Let each animal sniff and smell each other. It’s okay if you hear some growling or hissing. Watch over them and stop the introduction if you see any attacking.

Over time you will be able to expand the area they are together and the time they are together. They will eventually learn to like or ate least tolerate each other. Have fun and good luck.