Kittens are a curious bunch and they can definitely get into trouble. Before you pick up your kitten, make sure your house and the areas your kitten will be in is as safe as possible. Safety precautions are extremely important when you have a little kitty hiding and running around your home. Here are some tips to keep your new kitten safe.

Keeping Your Cat Safe

  • Lock Up Your House Cleaners – Sore your household cleaners in a high place so that your kitty doesn’t have access to them. Consuming household liquids will harm your cat so be safe.
  • Keep Your Electrical Cords Hidden – I know this may be difficult, but it’s important that your cat doesn’t think electrical cords is a toy string. They will most likely gnaw and chew on the cords not thinking otherwise.
  • Keep Small Cramped Spaces Blocked – Kittens can find themselves in the smallest of areas – behind the refrigerator or entertainment center. So before your kitty enters your home make sure you block access to these cramped spaces.