Many people may not know this, but you can naturally enhance your cats immunity and improve the health of your pet. Having a healthy immune system will ward off diseases in your cat and prolong his or her life. Here are some tips to improve your cats immunity naturally.

Natural Immunity Boosters For Your Cat

  • Echinacea – This is a relatively common herb used to help ward off colds and sickness. This herb does a fantastic job in boosting your and your cats immune system by increasing the production of T cells, antibody binding, macrophage phagocytosis, natural killer cell activity, and levels or circulating neutrophils
  • Vitamin E – Great for older senior cats. This vitamin will increase antibodies in the body and restore immune function.
  • Exercise – Many many cats sit around all day and sleep. This invariably causes them to gain weight if not properly exercised. If you have a cat that lounges all day, make sure to feed them twice a day and to not let them have free range. Play some cat games to get your cat moving on a daily basis. All this will improve your cat’s health and immune function.
  • Avoid any thing that could cause stress for your cat – Things like stress, dehydration, excessive vet trips and exposure to toxins can all affect your cat in a negative manner.