Cat and Kitten Pet Care

Treat your cute little kitty right

Many people may not know this, but you can naturally enhance your cats immunity and improve the health of your pet. Having a healthy immune system will ward off diseases in your cat and prolong his or her life. Here are some tips to improve your cats immunity naturally.
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Kittens and cats all love to play. Even if you see your cat sleep all day, they are more than happy to wake and spend some fun time with their owners. It’s a good idea to spend some special time with your cat at least once a day. Either by cuddling with your cat, petting your cat or playing with your cat. All these things will improve the quality of life for your cat. Here are some fun games to play with your cat when you come home from school or work.

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Introducing your new kitty or cat to your other household pets can be done painlessly and easily. It might seem challenging if you have three big dogs or two other cats in your household, but introducing a new pet can be done in harmony. Here are some easy guidelines to help you introduce kitty to your other pets. continue reading…

There are some cat owners who might be afraid of trimming their cats nails. Cats are known to be frisky and have the potential of biting and scratching you. I found an easy quick way to get my cat to let me cut his nails. Here’s a good way to trim your cats nails.
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Get your cat used to letting you brush him. My cat likes to be brushed on his face and he corners the brush. I leave the brush on the bed and then I proceed to clip his nails. My cat is so absorbed in the brush that he doesn’t notice that I’m cutting his nails.

It’s a good idea to trim your cats nails at least 1x a month. Although cats use their nails for protection and grip, it isn’t a good idea to let them grow long. Good luck!

All kittens love to play and will play with any moving object, including your hands. It’s important to train your kitten to play nice with your hands and body and to redirect their super energy to toys they can scratch and catch. Here is a great video showing you how to train your kitten to play nice.