Owning a kitten is a fun experience. It can also be a frustrating experience. Kittens love to get into messes and run a muck in the house. It’s important to teach your kitten house manners. Here are some tips to train your kitten.


Training Tips For Your Kitten

  • Get Your Kitten On The Right Sleeping Schedule – If you have a kitten that is crazy at night then it’s time to train your cat to sleep at night. Furniture climbing, and foot swiping are not appropriate at night. To train your cat to sleep at night is to keep them up during the day. Try to not let them get much sleep during the day.
  • Get Them In The Litter Box ASAP – As soon as you put your new kitten in your place, show them their littler box. Fill the litter box with a small amount of litter. Place the litter box in an area the kitten is familiar with.
  • Show Your Kitten The Right Place To Scratch – Instead of scolding them for clawing your couch, show them the scratching post. Just redirect to the scratching post every time you see them scratch the carpet or your couch.
  • Train Your Cat To Play With Toys And Not Your Feet – Kittens love to swipe at your feet. They sit and wait until someone walks buy and swipe! The best way to teach your cat to not do this is to play with your cat with toys.