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Playing with your kitten can be a fun time for both of you. Kittens are curious by nature and if you hone that skill in your kitten you can challenge them in more ways than one. Here are some ways to challenge your kitten but still have fun.

If your kitten loves to hide under the couch, place rolled up aluminum balls under there as well as some treats so that your cat can have hours of fun. Another way to challenge your kitten is to get a box, cut out doors and holes and create little steps. This can be the cat funhouse! Your kitten will adore this little house they can distroy.

Since kittens love to claw their way to the top it may be a good idea to get a cat post of some other device that allows them to crawl. You want to teach your kitten at an early age to climb the post and not your curtains or couch.

With these cute yet challenging ways to keep your kitty occupied, you will have fund setting them up and watching your kitty explore!


It’s an exciting time when you get a cat or kitten. Taking care of a cat can be easy just as long as you know what you are doing. Many cats become obese after a few years so it’s important to challenge your cat every day. Even though your cat gets older every year, they still enjoy games from their kittenhood. Here are some basic tips for cat care.
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Your crazy cat loves climbing on furniture, curtains and anything else that take them up high. Why not get them something appropriate like a cat post? Your cat will love the cat post and will spend hours sleeping up high and playing all around it. It will also use it to scratch as opposed to your couch or curtains. Here are three tips to getting a cat post.

cat post
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