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Owning a kitten is a fun experience. It can also be a frustrating experience. Kittens love to get into messes and run a muck in the house. It’s important to teach your kitten house manners. Here are some tips to train your kitten.

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All kittens love to play and will play with any moving object, including your hands. It’s important to train your kitten to play nice with your hands and body and to redirect their super energy to toys they can scratch and catch. Here is a great video showing you how to train your kitten to play nice.


It’s an exciting time when you get a cat or kitten. Taking care of a cat can be easy just as long as you know what you are doing. Many cats become obese after a few years so it’s important to challenge your cat every day. Even though your cat gets older every year, they still enjoy games from their kittenhood. Here are some basic tips for cat care.
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