New kittens may not have learned to use the litter box. Mother cats are the ones to train the kitten to use a litter box but sometimes this doesn’t happen for a variety of reasons. The mother wasn’t involved, the mother passed away or the kitten was removed too early. It’s best to start litter training after 4 weeks of age. Anything sooner will not be beneficial for your kitten. Here is how to train your kitty to use the litter box.

Litter Box Training

  • Take your kitty to the litter box after every meal. This is important in developing a pattern
  • When your kitten is in the litter box, rub her paws on the litter. This is an instinctual quality that may have to be learned if the Mother cat didn’t teach it.
  • In the beginning, purchase a smaller litter box. Some kittens will be hesitant to go into a bix box. I suggest to also not get a closed top litter box for the same reason.
  • If your cat has mistakes outside of the litter box, do you best to put it in the litter box. For example, stool can be placed in the litter box. This is a sign to the kitten that this is the area to deposit.