Where your cat goes is important. Cat litter comes in different smells and textures and for most cats who are picky, finding one that they like can be a little tricky. With soo many brands of cat litter, it can be hard to choose but here is a list of the top 4 that I recommend.


  1. Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula – This is great even if you have one cat! It’s clumping clay and most cats prefer this type of cat litter.
  2. Pestell Clear Choice Low Track Silica Crystals Cat Litter – In general this brand may not be suitable for you or your cat. The crystals can hurt your cat’s paws. But, for those who like it it has a hug advantage over other cat litter products. It absorbs moister more than other brands and you only change the litter about 1x/month!
  3. Worlds Best Cat Litter – As the name implies, it is the worlds best cat litter. It is a clumping cat litter but it does the job.
  4. Yesterday News Cat Litter – By far one of the best environmentally, Yesterday News is crushed newspaper pellets. It can be used on rabbits and ferrets as well as cats. It’s odorless and absorbs 3x more moisture than conventional cat litters. If you do decide to switch to this brand, do so slowly as it looks and feels quite different from regular cat litters.